Industry Applications

Terrycomm specializes in integrating communication systems for a wide range of industries. Terrycomm custom designs and integrates communications systems based on the needs of each customer. Because of our vast experience working with a wide range of voice communication and data systems, we can help design a system that will meet your organizations specific requirements by providing you with reliable, efficient, and functional communications.

Terrycomm has experience working in the rail and wind power industries. Terrycomm can design and develop communication systems that are easily deployed in remote locations. As a part of remote systems, Terrycomm commonly designs and supplies mobile communication units, designed to be easily integrated into a wide range of systems.  We also specialize in the tower installation of communication and SCADA equipment, empowering the operation and efficiency of the sites this work is completed at.

Terrycomm is experienced in NXDN communication systems, a protocol that has been adopted by the American Association of Railroads. We can design and supply mobile NXDN communication units that are rugged and durable, perfect for the high noise and high vibration environments common the the rail industry. 

If you would like to contact us to see how Terrycomm can improve applications for your industry, please feel free to contact us. Please see our dedicated pages for Wind Farms and Railroads for more information on specific industry applications.