Wind Farm Communications and Instrumentation

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Wind 2Terrycomm is highly experienced in radio communication system integration and tower equipment installation for wind farms across the United States. Wind farms pose a mission-critical requirement for secure and effective communications for safety. Efficient communications allow wind farm operators to supervise behavior of wind turbines and the wind farm as a whole, and if necessary, communicate with personnel to respond to incidents or events.

Repeaters allow communications to be quick and effective and can cover a geographically large area (a common need among wind farms). Repeaters can also improve coverage in areas that may not have a good radio signal.

Terrycomm is also experienced in the installation and integration of meteorological monitoring SCADA equipment. This equipment is vital to the operation of the wind farm, as it allows wind farm operators to observe trends in weather conditions, and adjust the operation of the wind farm as necessary. This equipment is usually installed at several different heights on towers, allowing for monitoring of conditions at different elevations. Terrycomm can install and integrate this equipment at any wind farm.

All Terrycomm tower climbers are ComTrain certified for Tower Climbing Safety & Rescue

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