FCC Narrowband Update

Less than three months remains for land mobile radio licensees in the 150-174MHz and 421-512MHz bands to transition to narrowband operations!

This Public Notice reminds licensees, frequency coordinators, equipment manufacturers, and other interested parties of the Federal Communications Commission’s January 1, 2013 deadline for private land mobile radio licensees in the 150-174 MHz and 421-512 MHz (VHF/UHF) bands to migrate to narrowband (12.5 kHz or narrower) technology.

Key Narrowbanding Deadlines:

  • VHF/UHF Licensees: By January 1, 2013, all VHF/UHF Industrial/Business and Public Safety Radio Pool licensees must:
    • operate on 12.5 kHz (11.25 kHz occupied bandwidth) or narrower channels, or
    • employ a technology that achieves the narrowband equivalent of at least one channel per 12.5 kHz of channel bandwidth for voice and transmission rates of at least 4800 bits per second per 6.25 kHz for data systems operating with bandwidths greater than 12.5 kHz (narrowband-equivalent technology).
  • Equipment Manufacturers: As of January 1, 2013, equipment manufacturers may no longer manufacture and import previously-certified equipment that includes a 25 kHz mode.

Additional Narrowbanding Information
The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, and Office of Engineering and Technology have issued prior guidance by Public Notice regarding narrowbanding migration, compliance, and waiver requests. In addition, detailed information and references to other resources concerning narrowbanding are available at www.fcc.gov/narrowbanding. 

To see the official public notice from the FCC, click here.