Radio Communications


Effective, efficient, and secure communications are vital to the operation of almost any business. Terrycomm supplies and integrates a wide variety of communications equipment for any entity. 

Terrycomm specializes in land-mobile communication equipment. We can supply and integrate into analog radios systems, as well as integrate those systems into newer digital communication networks. Terrycomm is also a leading integrator of NXDN Digital Equipment, which provides secure and efficient communications over a very-narrowband channel space. We supply and support new and existing antenna infrastructures and if necessary, can provide recommendations on how to efficiently overhaul existing infrastructure. Whatever your communication needs are, Terrycomm can provide you with a solution that meets your needs.

Terrycomm also provides coverage area and propagation modeling. This allows you or your customers to know what radio coverage you will have with a given system and where.

Please see the information for the equipment and services we provide to see what Terrycomm can do for you.