Analog Radio

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) products are designed for government, industry, and commercial use. Analog LMR products provide two-way radio communication and allow a one-to-many conversation, empowering communications for schools, public-safety agencies, security forces, construction teams, manufacturing facilites and many other industries. Products range from small hand-held radios to vehicle-mount mobile radios.

LMR radio systems are scalable, from simple radio-to-radio systems up to repeater systems that cover a large geographical area. Depending on your coverage requirements and the usage environment of your radios, we can provide a system to meet your requirements.

Important notice about LMR products:
The FCC has adopted rulemaking that requires you to convert all equipment to +/- 12.5kHz operation no later than January 1, 2013. Click here for more information on this change.