NXDN Digital Radio


NXDN Digital is a digital radio protocol jointly developed by Icom Incorporated and Kenwood Corporation. The NXDN protocol works on FCC-compliant narrowband (12.5kHz) and very-narrowband (6.25kHz) channels. The NXDN protocol allows for secure and efficient communications while taking up a smaller radio frequency footprint.

NXDN Digital has two different main implementations, IDAS (Icom Digital Advanced System, manufactured by Icom) and NEXEDGE (manufactured by Kenwood). Both of these implementations provide a variety of useful features to empower your communications and operations.

Common functions of NXDN subscriber radios include:

  • Individual and Talkgroup Calling - Make radio calls to specific radios, or an entire talkgroup (the analog equivalent of a CTCSS or DCS tone)
  • Short Data Messaging (SDM) - Sent short text messages to subscriber radios with displays
  • Call Alert - Send an alert to subscriber radios
  • Radio Check - Check whether or not a specific radio is on or off, or on a specific channel
  • Remote Monitor - Remotely enable the PTT (push-to-talk) on a radio to monitor the audio at the radio location (useful for emergency situations)
  • Stun/Revive - Remotely disable and enable a radio if it is experiencing issues
  • Kill - Remotely wipe the radio if it falls in to the wrong hands

Digital NXDN systems allow for a variety of configurations. They can be configured for single and multi site conventional as well as single and multi site trunking. The broad abilities of NXDN mean that we can design and implement an NXDN digital solution that will meet your organization's communication requirements.

To learn more about the NXDN Digital Radio platform and how it can empower your business communications, please feel free to contact us. For information on specific NXDN radio products, please see the documents below.