Terrycomm Service and Repair Policy

It is the practice and policy of the Terrycomm Service Department to restore repaired products to original factory specifications whenever possible. As an authorized warranty and service center, we guarantee the highest quality service at the best prices. 

  • Professionally trained bench and field technicians
  • Warranty service
  • Very competitive rates
  • Fast turnaround on all repairs (usually 3-10 business days on routine repairs)
  • Factory sourced original replacement parts when available
  • Modern test equipment
  • Support staff that understands the importance of uninterrupted communications for your business
  • We service all major brands of two-way radio equipment: Motorola, Vertex Standard, Kenwood, Midland, Relm, Ritron, HYT/Hytera, etc.

Units are evaluated and repaired in the order they are received. Most repairs are less than $200.00, but in cases where repair costs exceed $200.00, Terrycomm will contact you and advise you of the cost of repairs, in addition to a recommendation as to whether or not the repair would be cost effective based on condition and age of the equipment. If equipment has been evaluated and repair is rejected, you will be charged an evaluation and handling fee. By sending your equipment to Terrycomm for repair, you authorize Terrycomm to make repairs up to the amount of $200.00 without additional approval.

Items left at Terrycomm service facility unpaid 90 days after quoted or invoiced will be considered abandoned and will become Terrycomm property to cover the cost of repair.

Products sent to Terrycomm that are no longer eligible for warranty service will be charged a miminum of one hour labor, plus the cost of any parts replaced (labor billed in 1/2 hour increments after the first hours).

If you receive a repair estimate, repair on your product will be on-hold until we have received confirmation on how to proceed. All estimates are considered denied if there is no response via voice, voicemail, email, or otherwise within 30 days of inital contact

If the product is under warranty, or if pre-approved payment has been provided, your repair will be processed immediately. Repairs are typically completed within 5 to 10 business days. If you have provided an email address, you will receive an automated email providing you with the shipping information to track the return shipment. Terrycomm returns all repairs via UPS Ground. If you have specific shipping requirements or need to change the shipping information provided on the repair form, please contact our service department.

By sending your equipment to Terrycomm for repair, you agree to the terms as stated in this policy.

For any questions or concerns regarding our service policy, please contact our service department at service@terrycomm.com.